PUBLISHED: Journal of Balkan and Black Sea Studies No:5 Tüm Duyurular
  1. Introduction to the Special Issue: Transottoman Infrastructures and Networks across the Black 
    11 - 18 
    Lyubomir POZHARLİEV , Florian RIEDLER , Stefan ROHDEWALD 
  2. Concessions and Mirages along the Lower Danube: The Town of Silistria in the Plans of Foreign Railway Promoters during the mid-1850s 
    19 - 47 
  3. (Dis-)Connected. Railway, Steamships and Trade in the Port of Odessa 1865–1888 
    49 - 69 
    Boris BELGE 
  4. State Goals and Private Interests in the Development of Transport Infrastructure in the Russian Black Sea Region in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century 
    71 - 96 
    Lyubomir POZHARLİEV 
  5. Integrating the Danube into Modern Networks of Infrastructure: The Ottoman Contribution 
    97 - 120 
    Florian RIEDLER 
  6. An Ottoman Story Until the End: Reading Fan Noli’s Post-Mediterranean Struggle in America, 1906-1922 
    121 - 144 
    Isa BLUMİ 
  7. Kemalism, Literature and Politics: Turkish Historical Novel in a Comparative Perspective 
    145 - 170 
    Asli DALDAL 
  8. Theoretical Approaches to the Black Sea Region: ‘Is the Wider Black Sea Area a Region?’ 
    171 - 190 
    Nasuh SOFUOĞLU 
  9. The Beginnings of Macedonian Academic Research and Institution Building (19th ‒ Early 20th Century). Edited by Biljana Ristovska-Josifovska, Dragi Ǵorgiev, Skopje: Institute of National History, 2018. 
    191 - 193 
    Vladimir JANEV 
  10. Dimitar Bechev, Rival Power: Russia’s Influence in Southeast Europe. New Haven, CT & London: Yale University Press, 2017. 
    195 - 206 
  11. Tomasz Kamusella, Ethnic Cleansing During the Cold War: The Forgotten 1989 Expulsion of Turks from Communist Bulgaria. London & New York: Routledge, 2019. 
    207 - 212 
    Cengiz YOLCU 
  12. İbrahim Kamil, Bulgaristan Türkleri ve Göçler. Bulgaristan Komünist Partisi Gizli Belgeleri (1944-1989). 8 volums, Ankara: AKDTYK Atatürk Araştırma Merkezi, 2018. 
    213 - 216 

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